T Hangars K & L

Gainesville Regional Airport, Gainesville, FL

This project was a design and construction of a 12 unit and a 14 unit T-hangar. The scope of work consisted of site preparation, concrete slabs, furnish and erect the two pre-engineered metal buildings. Scherer self-performed the site work which included underground water, storm and sewer, fencing, landscaping, paving and striping . The concrete was also self-performed by Scherer and consisted of two monolithic slabs. Both T-hangars, one 16,380 square feet and the other 18,720 square feet, were equipped with electrically operating bi-fold doors.

Status Completed
Location Gainesville Regional Airport, Gainesville, FL
Duration 6 months
Completed 2007
Architect R.W. Armstrong & Associates
Construction Type Competitive Bid