Santa Fe College Bldg Y Solar PV System

Gainesville, FL

This project consisted of the installation of 300- 3ft X 5ft rooftop mounted solar panels for a new Solar PV system. The solar panels were installed on an existing standing seam metal roof. All of the solar panels and other material had to be placed on the 3rd story roof by way of a specialized lift system brought in by the installer. It was a slow process as they had to be lifted 1 panel at a time. The existing flat roof area that we used as a staging area had to be completely protected with 1/2” plywood to prevent damage to roof. We had to install approximately 400’ of 4 inch conduit from the building to the new transformer that was place across the street. It had to be installed under an existing parking lot and roadway via direct boring, with no damage to pavement.

Status Completed
Location Gainesville, FL
Duration 4 months
Completed March 2010
Engineer Affiliated Engineers
Owner Santa Fe College
Construction Type Construction Management