Santa Fe College Bldg V Solar Water Heater

Gainesville, FL

This project consisted of installing a replacement solar powered water heating system to the existing boiler. There are 12- 4ft X 8ft rooftop mounted solar panels which are tied into the new 1,100 gallon water tank stored in the room below. The piping system allows water to flow throughout the system heating the water in the building as well as sending water back out to campus. We had to overcome several obstacles on this particular job. One of the biggest obstacles was trying to get the water tank into the space. The water tank was “glass lined” and had to be handled very delicately. It was 9’ tall and we only had a 7’ door to get it in. It took 45 minutes to gently move the tank inside, but it was accomplished with no damage.

Status Completed
Location Gainesville, FL
Duration 2 months
Completed September 2009
Engineer Affiliated Engineers
Owner Santa Fe College
Construction Type Construction Management