Roadway and Drainage Improvements

Alachua, FL

This project was for the City of Alachua and consisted of roadway and drainage improvements for the NW 150th Avenue and 142nd Terrace roadways. The scope of work included an underground retention system, new storm drainage system, domestic water and sanitary sewer work, street lighting conduits and pole bases, complete reconstruction of the roads, new sidewalks and brick paver crosswalks, and landscaping. Also included in the scope was the reconstruction of the baseball field that the retention system was buried beneath and the reconstruction of a City of Alachua owned parking lot.

Status Completed
Location Alachua, FL
Size 2,100 lf of roadway
Duration 18 months
Completed March 2014
Engineer Causseaux, Hewett, & Walpole
Owner City of Alachua
Construction Type Site Improvements