Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Facility

Gainesville, FL

This project included the new construction of a 9,589 sf facility with offices, residential spaces, a kitchen and an 8,772 sf vehicle bay area. The site work and concrete were self-performed and included the concrete and asphalt pavement, construction of retention pounds, storm drainage system, various utility installations, relocation of the COMM duck bank, fencing, landscaping and demolition of the existing 5,700 sf ARFF facility located across the airfield. Extensive utility coordination was conducted with Gainesville Regional Utilities for the electrical, water and sewer and Airport COMM cabling.

Status Completed
Location Gainesville, FL
Size 9,500 sq. ft.
Duration 12 months
Completed Fall 2017
Architect Michael Baker Intertional
Owner Gainesville Alachua County Regional Airport Authority