33 Year Customer Reunion

This past Christmas was extra special for Scherer Construction’s founder, Clark H. Scherer, III. Clark had the privilege of enjoying the holiday festivities with his very first three customers, Walt Williams, Al Thomas, and Jerry Messerman, dating back to his beginning in 1984.

Walt Williams, the former owner of Precision Tune for the Tampa Bay area and now financial advisor with Lincoln Financial, was Clark’s first customer. Walt was expanding his business and called on Clark, who was just starting Scherer Construction, to build a new ground up Precision Tune store.  Walt actually advanced the startup of Scherer Construction by giving Clark the 10% deposit he needed for his first project. “I was just starting out. All I had was a pickup truck and dream. Walt gave me the 10% I needed to start my business and off we went”, stated Clark. He would go on to build 7 more stores for Walt over the next 10 years.

His next customer was Al Thomas who owned a booming plastics manufacturing company in the Tampa area. As the business expanded, Clark and his team completed 4 separate additions to the existing facility totaling approximately 80,000 square feet. Al later founded Maxxair Vent Corp and began manufacturing louvered ventilation caps for RV’s and expanded his facility once again to 100,000 square feet. Clark replied, “Al is a great businessman and it was a privilege being a part of the growth and success of his company during those years”. Al has since sold Maxxair Vent and is now retired. He spends his days boating and sailing.

Jerry Messerman was the founder of the ergonomic modular office furniture company called Design Options and owned a manufacturing plant in the same industrial complex as Al Thomas. Clark constructed several expansions on the existing facility for Jerry and many years later when more space was needed, Clark built a new 80,000 square foot tilt up facility. Jerry has sold his business and is retired. He spends his time now volunteering playing the piano at assisted living facilities.

Clark states “these first three customers are a testimony to the thousands of customers we have designed and built for. We still, to this day, develop business based on trust, confidence and relationships”.

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